Stories from our Allies: Lynne & Benjamin

Lynne always wanted to be a foster parent.

On a near-daily basis during the past 15 years, she witnessed the desperate need for foster parents from working and volunteering as an advocate for children in foster care in Los Angeles.

But as a single woman with a one-bedroom apartment, Lynne didn’t think she had the space or bandwidth to foster a child. After connecting with Allies for Every Child for some words of encouragement and support, she decided that she could foster a baby, whose need for love outweighed need for space.

Los Angeles foster child

Less than 24 hours after completing the foster certification program through Allies, Lynne received a call about Benjamin, a 2-week-old boy with a furrowed brow and inquisitive eyes. Benjamin entered the foster care system at birth, joining the many children in Los Angeles who are placed in the system each year due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

Though life with a newborn was easier than she expected, Lynne never planned to adopt. She knew there was a profound need for foster care, providing the unconditional love that Benjamin needed until his biological family could reunite.

My commitment was to love this baby with all my heart, which for me meant giving him back to his family once they were ready.”


But when it became clear that reuniting with his biological family was not an option, Lynne’s decision was easy: adoption.

Benjamin is now a sweet, rambunctious 2-year-old who says “yesh” to everything (except the dreaded nap), gallops everywhere he goes, and lights up when he spots his mom. He loves to watch baseball and created his own victory dance for when he rounds the bases. He cheers for his mom while she does the dishes, and delights in playing with the family cats.

Despite being well-versed in the foster process prior to becoming a foster parent herself, Allies’ invaluable support and resources provided a welcome respite for Lynne as she navigated life as a new mom.

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