Meet Our allies for every child team

The heart of our work starts and ends with our passionate staff.

We are child wellbeing experts, early childhood educators, social workers, therapists, and child advocates who meet every child and every family where they are. We intervene to stabilize chaos, treat trauma, promote stability, and ultimately, ensure that all children have a childhood. Our Allies for Every Child team are the ones who make our work real, meaningful, and lasting for so many children and families.

Meet our passionate staff


allies for every child team Heather Carrigan
Heather Carrigan
Chief Executive Officer
allies for every child team Amina Jones Fields
Amina Jones Fields
Chief Impact Officer
Saif Amin
Chief Financial Officer
allies for every child team Adriana Molina
Adriana Molina
Chief Program Officer
tivoli sisko
Tivoli Sisko
Chief Operating Officer

We are grateful to our Board of Directors and Emeritae for their leadership and expertise.

Board of Directors

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