Delivering the promise of childhood.

What We Do

Trauma can affect children for life, unless we do something.

That’s where we come in. Our programs, treatment, and family services are second to none. We help children and families recover from trauma and have the futures they deserve.

All Aspects of Healing and Care

We provide high-quality early childhood learning during a child’s most formative years. It’s the foundation they need to develop life skills, which have the greatest effects on future success.

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The obsession with cognitive skills obscures the fact that socio-emotional skills have greater effects on life success. Quality early childhood education provides persistent boosts in socio-emotional skills even if cognitive skills diminish in the short-run.”

James Heckman, Henry Schultz Distinguished Service Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago and Nobel laureate

Our clinical experts are specialized in treating infants, children and families. We promote trust and healing within families. Each treatment plan is crafted to the child and family’s unique needs.

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Our child wellness experts intervene to strengthen families and protect children from abuse and neglect. We approach every child’s needs with compassion and persistence. We bring the most effective family support in LA County.

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We find loving homes for children in foster care. We also provide training, support, and resources to help foster parents succeed. Our comprehensive support is crucial to effectively transforming Los Angeles’ foster care system by ensuring that foster parents have everything they need to succeed.

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The care we provide today lasts a lifetime

With our services, kids get the foundation they need to succeed throughout their lives. We’re here to give kids the childhoods they deserve.

We’re shaping a world where everyone is cared for; a future where every child gets their best shot at life.

We keep families together

The most critical thing in a child’s life is family. That’s why for us it’s so important to help support families and keep them strong.

From housing assistance to mental health programs, our resources are designed to help families improve their situation and sustain themselves. For decades we’ve worked at the intersection of child welfare and early childhood education. We’ve witnessed firsthand how our holistic, dual-generation approach has changed lives.

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Quite honestly, I was scared of the process,” Erika said. “But it completely changed my mind about risk. I realized that risk is just part of what motherhood was going to entail. But that as a mother, I was supposed to take on that risk, not the child.”

Erika, an Allies foster and adoptive parent

Our Allies are what make us a top foster care organization in Los Angeles. Hear their stories. Become an Ally today.

Fight for every child’s right to a loving and healthy childhood. Join us in providing LA County family support for those in need.