Stories from our Allies: Nancy & Family

When Nancy first began working with Allies for Every Child, life felt hopeless.

Pregnant with her third child and suffering from depression, she was completely overwhelmed at the thought of parenting an infant with two rambunctious toddlers. As a DREAM Act recipient on a path towards citizenship, she was navigating the complexities and constant stresses of the immigration system. And while she loved being a parent, the isolation of being a stay-at-home-mom left her feeling listless and alone.

“I was lost,” Nancy said.

After giving birth to her son, Nancy connected with Allies’ home educator, Virginia, to build a path toward healing. She and Virginia mapped out her goals for the coming year and created a plan to achieve them. Nancy wanted to overcome her postpartum depression and have a career for herself – something that gave her an identity outside of the home.

Virginia connected her with an Allies mental health intern to work through postpartum depression and help deepen her bond with her children. Virginia and Nancy worked together to boost Nancy’s confidence in herself and ability to advocate for her children. She also connected her to Allies’ robust calendar of social events to help her develop a sense of belonging in her community.

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When Virginia noticed that her son was using gestures to communicate, a potential sign of developmental delay at this age, she immediately connected him with Allies’ disabilities manager for screening. When the screening indicated the need for more support, Allies connected him with a therapist that could provide speech training in her home.

Virginia worked with Nancy on feeling comfortable asking for help when she needed it, and knowing how to advocate for what was best for her children. Thanks to the skills she learned with Virginia, Nancy became very involved with her older children’s school, serving as a PTA volunteer and working with other moms at the school to advocate for their children.

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Nancy credits Allies with giving her the support she needed to be the mom she wanted to be. She was so inspired working with Virginia and the Allies team that she decided to return to school full-time to pursue a degree in social work.

“I want to be able to help other people when they feel like giving up,” Nancy said.

She also serves as a de facto recruiter for Allies services, recommending the programs to all of the moms with young children who she runs into in the community.

“I recommend the programs to everyone. I don’t know where I would be without [Allies].”


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