Thanks to long-term advocacy efforts and partnership between Allies for Every Child’s Chief Program Officer, Adriana Molina, and the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), we’re proud to highlight Allies’ role in the creation of the first 0–5 Policy for child welfare staff in the U.S.

Allies was initially founded as a foster care agency, and our work has evolved over time to also include a host of strategies designed to prevent child welfare system involvement by fighting poverty, supporting families, and promoting healthy social-emotional development for all kids (particularly during the foundational years of 0–5). We know that children aged birth to 5 face an elevated risk of maltreatment and entry into the foster care system. As an organization that recognizes the importance of healthy brain development and its impact on children’s life outcomes, we are committed to promotion, prevention, and intervention services for all children and their families.