All children need a childhood. We bring together and strengthen families, cultivating conditions for children to succeed in life.

About Us

We believe that every child has the right to a nurturing, supportive childhood. What happens to us during the first five years of our life – when the architecture of our brain is formed – has outsized influence on who we will become, how we will form relationships, and if we get to determine our path in life.  

90% of brain development happens before a child’s 5th birthday.

Far too many children experience trauma during this critical first five years. Allies’ children are growing up in historically underserved communities in Los Angeles, largely defined by poverty, homelessness, substance dependence, community violence, neglect and abuse, stemming from generations of structural inequality. When these traumas are experienced during a child’s earliest years, they can sabotage their ability to form secure attachments— a fundamental building block of the developing brain that is foundational to a human being’s sense of worth, their ability to empathize, to regulate impulses and emotions, and to problem solve and learn.

60% of households in L.A. County report at least one adverse childhood experience.

But luckily for children growing up in turbulent circumstances, history isn’t destiny. At Allies for Every Child, we exist to serve Los Angeles’ most vulnerable children. We are child wellbeing experts, early learning educators, social workers, therapists, and child advocates who meet every child and every family where they are. We intervene to alleviate chaos, engender stability, treat trauma, and ultimately, ensure that all children have a childhood.

High-quality early education is a nationally-recognized strategy for preventing child abuse.

We champion parents and caregivers, knowing that research has proven that the presence of one stable, nurturing caregiver is often all that it takes to make children resilient in the face of adversity. We leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of equity, providing any support necessary to lift these children up, setting the stage for them to succeed.

Ultimately, the heart of our work starts and ends with our staff. They are the ones who make our work real, meaningful, and lasting for so many children and families. Our staff helped develop, and are driven by, the following tenets of our philosophy:

  • We are empathetic and compassionate
  • We are respectful, humble, and non-judgmental
  • We are dedicated, hard-working, and persistent in the face of obstacles
  • We are passionate and intrinsically motivated
  • We build meaningful, supportive relationships with families
  • We are committed to the social-emotional development of children and empowering families
  • We restore, so families endure and prevail
  • We inspire trust
  • We are courageous in the fight to bring equality and social justice to families
  • We know that love is the antidote to fear.

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