Keeping Families Strong


In LA County alone, there were 170,000 reports of child abuse or neglect in 2017. The vast majority of these reports are made in instances of neglect. We work with families in historically underserved communities, providing an array of services to help promote families’ strengths.

Keeping Families Strong

1 Early Learning

We provide high-quality early education for children from birth to 5-years-old, focused on social-emotional development and grounded in a STEM and-literacy-based curriculum designed to prepare children and families for kindergarten.

We work in family homes, independently-owned childcare settings, and at our Early Education Center.

For more information about enrolling your child, please click here.

For more information about becoming part of our network of childcare providers, please contact 310-846-4100.

2 Positive Parenting

Children need strong parents, and parents need robust support systems. We partner with parents to navigate their greatest challenges (including domestic violence, substance abuse, housing insecurity, immigration status, mental health, social isolation, and more) and provide the resources they need to be the parents they want to be. To make our services accessible to all, our team of experts support parents in family homes, in the community, and in weekly support groups.

3 Social Connections

Families thrive in engaged communities. We are a community hub, hosting weekly events to educate and enrich, and most importantly, to instill a sense of belonging for families in our vast L.A. community. We believe a truly strong community cares for each of its neighbors, which is why we provide diverse programming to give children and families a safe place to play, learn, explore, and grow.

4 Specialized Expertise

Our mental health, disabilities, health, nutrition, and education experts offer trainings and workshops, and conduct special needs and trauma screenings. We are on call to provide in-person, real-time, multidisciplinary guidance with concerns as soon as they occur, before they become deeper challenges.

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