A Reason to Celebrate

Michael and Nick have always had a lively home. The couple often hosted holiday fêtes, birthday soirées, and summer movie nights in their backyard, filling their home with laughter and merriment. But after marrying in Ireland in 2012, both knew that there was someone missing from the festivities.

Enter Miguel.

Miguel was placed in foster care at birth like the tens of thousands of children who enter foster care each year due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Michael and Nick first met Miguel at a foster support group at Allies for Every Child (Allies), when he was 4-months old and they were eager to become new parents. The connection was instant.

Miguel is now a 2-year-old dynamo. He’s quick with a smile or an offer to share his half-eaten lollipop, and has an unmistakable twinkle in his eye that suggests he knows that life is a stage. Just like his parents, Miguel lives to entertain. At a recent summer movie night showing in the backyard, Miguel not only stayed awake for the entirety of Singing in the Rain, but he also enhanced the showing with choreographed dance moves of his own throughout the film for dozens of guests. He loves music videos, with Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift on heavy repeat.

Michael and Nick plan to give Miguel lots of co-stars, already fostering two other children through Allies. They’re both incredibly grateful to the agency for the support and guidance throughout the entire foster and adoption process, and have remained engaged on almost a daily basis.

“We tell all our friends thinking of fostering, ‘you need an FFA. We’ve got a great one.’” Michael said.  “It makes all the difference to have someone who’s impartial, but on your side emotionally and to get you through the foster system.”

When people remark that Miguel and his foster siblings are lucky to live in such a warm, inviting home, bustling with love, activity, and a treasure trove of toys, Michael and Nick are quick to point out that they are the ones who are lucky.

For this new family, the party is just getting started.

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